About Us

The Lithuanian Marketplace is a business-to-business platform enabling buyers from around the globe to source products direct from the manufacturer.  There are over 4,000 manufacturers and suppliers based in Lithuania producing some of the finest products in the world. 

All of the products and prices that you see on the Lithuanian Marketplace are published by the manufacturer.  The Lithuanian Marketplace does not stock or take ownership of the products so all transactions are between the buyer and seller.  We are simply an online platform dedicated to helping buyers source Lithuanian-made goods similar to the way Alibaba.com was built to showcase Chinese made goods or IndiaMart.com for India. 

The Lithuanian Marketplace offers everything from industrial products to consumer goods and more.  We are the conduit where Lithuanian trade is conducted.  When you’re ready to make a purchase on the Lithuanian Marketplace, buyers can click the “Contact Seller” button to request samples, negotiate pricing, terms and conditions along with freight cost.  

The Lithuanian Marketplace is a service of the Lithuanian Trade Council, Inc., an organization of Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore, MD.  Our mission is to provide business solutions to Lithuania-based manufacturers and suppliers with the intent to foster new trade opportunities globally which will benefit the Lithuanian homeland and Lithuanian Communities. 

Best for Lithuanians

If you are a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor based in Lithuania, please join in this opportunity to expand your business to an international market by featuring your products on our site.  All you have to do is complete the registration to Become a Vendor.  By doing this, you help expand our product lines to give international buyers a wide selection of products.  This, in turn, will bring more visitors to the site and, therefore, more potential buyers to your business. Got Questions?  See our most common supplier FAQs.

Best for International Buyers

What most people don’t realize is that Lithuania is located in the Baltic Region of Europe and is a part of the NATO Alliance.  In addition, Lithuania vendors are very experienced in exporting globally.  The workmanship quality is extremely good and the cost to produce those goods is very competitive.  In addition, Lithuanian companies thrive on technology and incorporate the latest high-tech solutions into everything they make.  Lithuania ranked 14th in the world on the “Ease of Doing Business Index”.

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