• Caraway Seeds $1,790.00 (metric ton)

    Supplied by: Baltic Exporter

    Price per metric ton: $1,790.00
    Quantity Available: 1,000 tons
    Minimum order: 22 metric tons / 40ft ocean container
    FOB Klaipeda Lithuania
    Product origin: Baltic region
    Caraway seed color: Gray/Brown seeds.
    Volatile oil content: >3.5 ml/100 g

    Baltic Exporter is a Lithuanian supplier specializing in Caraway Seeds (Carum carvi L.).  Our locally grown seeds can be utilized as a food ingredient for commercial bakery or sold as a spice through grocery retailers. Due to the high concentration of volatile oil, our seeds are also suitable for production of Essential Oils.

    Inventory is taken from a bi-annual production and stored in a cool and dry environment which is kept away from sunlight.  Free from abnormal flaws, odors, mold and living insects.  It is free from filth in amounts which may represent a hazard to human health.  Our products have not been produced from a GMO source and does not contain any GMO ingredients or been exposed to irradiation.  The expiration date is twelve (12) months after packaging.

    Orders can be shipped in 25 kg paper bags with markings.  Bags are clean, sturdy and strongly sewn or sealed. Product packaging safeguards the hygienic, nutritional, technological and organoleptic quantities of the product.  Product packaging is made of substances which are safe and suitable for their intended use. We adhere to various ISO Standards and Quality Reports can be made available to potential buyers.

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