• Closed-die forging for manufactured parts

    Supplied by: Forge

    Company: Forge LT, UAB
    Location: Panevezys, Lithuania
    Service: Closed-die Forging for automotive, agriculture, mining and other industries
    Category: Industrial Forging
    Certifications: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 (Bureau Veritas)
    Company Website: www.forge.lt
    Telephone: +370 455 02010
    Email: sales@forge.lt

    Forge LT is the only closed-die forging company in Baltic Region with a 100% Lithuanian ownership. Our main mission as a supplier is to be as flexible as possible, focusing on short delivery lead-time and quick reaction to customer’s urgent needs.

    We have just celebrated our 25th anniversary in this business and we are extremely proud that most of our partners have been together with us for all these years and continue to trust our extensive forging know-how which resulted in more than 300 different types of forgings produced. This is not only a great achievement for a business, but also a great inspiration to the team working in Forge LT.

    We will continue to put an utmost emphasis to remain as flexible and efficient as we currently are and keep our partnerships with well-known companies in Western Europe and Scandinavia.

    Closed-die forging

    Our total forging capacity is around 4 000 tons per year which we achieve with 4 fully renovated and modernized forging lines – forging presses, trimming presses, calibrating presses, shears and heating furnaces.

    We forge according to EN 10243-1 Class F standard, alloy and ferrous steel parts with maximum weight of 8 kg and around 200 mm in diameter or 280 mm in length, 200 mm in width).

    • Four (4) fully modernized forging lines at 2 500t.
    • Total annual capacity of 1 000 000 parts, 4 000 tons
    • Material: alloy and ferrous steel
    • Dimensions: up to 8kg and 280 mm in length
    • In-house engineering of tools and molds (SolidWorks)
    • In-house production of tools, molds, inspection gauges

    Post-forging processing

    Our machining capacity consists of only modern CNC milling and turning machines, mostly Haas (milling) and Doosan (turning), acquired in years of 2015-2020, including other supporting equipment.

    Besides standard machining techniques such as drilling or turning, our capabilities of active-milling (milling axis) allow us to produce precise and complex items with very high reliability.

    • Machining: turning and milling (Haas, Doosan)
    • Zinc, chrome, nickel plating
    • Painting and powder-coating
    • Crack inspection (in-house Tiede 600WE)
    • Hardness measuring
    • Coordinate measuring (CMM)

    Tool engineering

    Our engineering department is fully capable of designing all of the necessary tooling, molds, inspection gauges and other supporting equipment to prepare for the mass production. The only thing we need from our customers is the drawing of the final product and we take care of everything else.

    To make sure that our engineered tool design is going to work and provide the most efficient output as well as reliability, we use simulation software which accurately predicts the forging process. That also allows us to provide a very accurate cost-estimates before committing to the actual production and initial set-up costs.

    Machining capabilities

    Besides our core forging expertise, during the last 5 years we have been steadily investing into our CNC machining capacity and after almost 1 000 000 EUR in investments, we are feeling very confident that we can provide a machining service at the highest level, quality and production reliability.

    To ensure flexibility, which we are so proud of, we also use several subcontractors for machining. That allows us to scale-up our production capacity quickly and soften the bottlenecks in our production pipeline.

    Dear visitors, Amongst the files ready for download, we have other useful information ready for you – company presentation, 3D tour of the company and other. Please contact our sales team for additional information!

    We looks forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term manufacturing partner.  Please contact us globally for a quotation or to inquire about how Forge can work for you!

  • Contract Production of Industrial Steel Components

    Supplied by: Aumeta

    Company: UAB Aumeta
    Location: Panevezys, Lithuania
    Service: Contract Production of Industrial Steel Components
    Category: Industrial Welding and Machining
    Certifications: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, EN3834-2
    Company Website: www.aumeta.lt
    Telephone: +370 686 62500
    Email: sales@aumeta.lt

    Aumeta is a family-owned Lithuanian contract manufacturer of industrial steel components and machinery with more than 25 years of experience in the business with a team of around 65 people. We export more than 75% of all production to Finland, Sweden and Germany.

    Throughout the years we have been entirely focusing on close partnerships, doing our best to grow and improve together. That is still our core value as a business and what we are offering in today’s extremely competitive market.

    Even more than ever our team is mostly motivated by the idea that we can inspire and sometimes amaze our partners with improvements of our company as well as new engineering ideas which we are eager to share.

    Industrial steel components

    We are the most competitive when it comes to production of drawing items according to customer’s specifications, which usually include welding, machining and painting processes, usually in small-medium sized batches.

    The uniqueness of Aumeta comes from its versatile manufacturing capabilities. Instead of focusing on either welding or machining, we invest our resources info flexibility of our capabilities which ensures cost-saving, more reliability over quality and most importantly, shortens the lead time.

    • Welded structures up to 5 tons in weight
    • Machined structures up to 4200x2100x1100 mm (milling)
    • Machined turning components up to Ø1000 x 5000 mm
    • Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics
    • Milling and turning, nominal batch size of 1 ~ 500 pcs.
    • Machining on 3 or 4 axis machines, Hartford, Haas, Doosan

    Quality management

    As per our ISO9001:2015 certification and internal quality management system, the quality assurance process is documented in great detail and provides multiple points of inspection which ensure that all of the quality requirements are met at every stage.

    Our quality inspectors carry out inspections of raw materials, welding quality, tolerances of machining requirements, painting specifications, assembly and other sensitive production points.

    Inspection equipment and tools are regulary calibrated according to manufacturer’s recommendations and/or instructions. To avoid any use of faulty inspection equipment in the workshop, we inspect the condition of every quality tool on daily basis.

    Our company also follows standards:

    • ISO 9001:2015
    • ISO 14001:2015
    • ISO EN 3834-2
    • Other certificates available upon request

    Mechanical assemblies

    Combining all of our production possibilities and capacity, we are also capable of assemblying all these manufactured items into fully-working machines or mechanical sub-assemblies.

    We understand how important the final step of assembly is and fully acknowledge that a very high level of trust must be in place. We earn that trust by fluent and uncompromising communication, constant status updates, inspection reports and leave as little room for the “unknowns” as possible.

    The best proof that it is indeed possible is the fact that we are already providing this service and this area is growing quickly.

    • Complete assemblies up to 5 tons in weight
    • Assemblies up to 8000 x 3000 x 2000 mm in size
    • Purchasing of standard components
    • Delivered semi-assembled or fully assembled
    • Testing and inspection according to documentation


    Aumeta looks forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term manufacturing partner.  Please contact us globally for a quotation or to inquire about how Aumeta can work for you!

  • Hotel, Spa, Restaurant & Conference Center

    Supplied by: Hotel Romantic

    Company: HOTEL ROMANTIC – Boutique Hotel & SPA
    Location: Kranto g. 24, Panevėžys, Lithuania
    Service: Luxury Hotel and Spa
    Category: Hotel, Restaurant, Spa, Conference Center
    Company Website: www.romantic.lt 
    Telephone: +370 616 16170
    Email: hotel@romantic.lt

    See Hotel Romantic Presentation


    Congratulations to you, who arrived in an exclusive place – a cozy, warm and distinctive hotel, which was built in the former first mill in the Baltics, built in 1841. The Romantic offers something special for every occasion.  For those seeking business travel or simply pure relaxation, the Romantic presents, VIP, deluxe, business class as well as economy accommodations.  Well know for its Etno Spa, patrons can take in a variety of special treatments, massages or relax by the large pool.  As a full service property, the Romantic features restaurant dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maintains a wine room so you can experience their fine and extensive selection.  The Romantic also is a meeting place where you can host a beautiful wedding or organize a business conference.

    In Etno Spa instead of reality you will be transported to the island of tranquility and beauty, where everyone forgets their worries. Greeted by the soothing bell sounds, fascinating aromas and extremely cozy and relaxed environment. It is a very special sanctuary where you are encouraged and supported to let your tired self slip naturally into the state of wellness.  Variety of treatment choices offered by professional beauty therapists and massage specialists will relax your body and… Most importantly – your soul. After Etno Spa your inner harmony with yourself and the universe will undoubtedly shine bright and far through.

    The restaurant located in Panevėžys will satisfy the expectations of even the most selective gourmets. The guest can enjoy a delicious breakfast, fulfilling lunch or fine dining experience. We do our best to satisfy the needs of both business-oriented guests and families with little children. Therefore, the working hours of our restaurant in Panevėžys are especially convenient as we are open from early in the morning till late at night.

    The restaurant “Déjà vu” offers great food, and the kitchen is well-characterized with a few words – European, sophisticated, luxurious.

    “HOTEL ROMANTIC” – Boutique Hotel & SPA looks forward to having you as our guest.  Please contact our sales department for your special event or visit our website to make a reservation.

  • Petras Butchery in Panevezys Lithuania

    Supplied by: Petro Mesine

    Company: Petro Mesine
    Location: Berzu str. 8, Panevėžys, Lithuania
    Service: Butcher Shop, Retail and Regional Exports
    Category: Cold Smoked, Hot Smoked, Cured Meats
    Company Website: www.petromesine.lt 
    Telephone: +370 698 10751
    Email: info@petromesine.lt

    See Company Video

    Petro Mesine is locally known as Petras‘ butchery, a family-owned meat processing business with refined and nurtured underlying values that has been successfully developing since 1992.  We pride ourselves as a professional, modern, versatile, energetic and experienced meat processing company, that cherishes traditions and is open to innovation!  Our customers rely on us for a wide selection of meats that are the very best quality.

    Team of Petras‘ Butchery

    The founder and director of the company – farmer Petras Linkevičius is a perfect example of how a dream can be turned into a successful business, all the more so when all family members (Petras‘ wife and all three of their children) look at this business in the same direction: that is why the meat products quality is the most important factor in this business. Family involvement and dedication to a common goal is the most important part of the Company’s success formula. Excellent performance is also determined by the skills and loyalty of qualified employees. The greatest asset of the Company is its responsible, youthful, full of determination and energetic employees who strive for further improvement.


    A good decade ago, there was a tendency that the market for natural meat products will expand rapidly in the future, thus the maximum effort was put into developing and producing this production. The Company managed to create new trade routes to the markets of European countries, establish new cooperation relationships and successfully continue its export development. At present, Petras‘ Butchery exports most, even 90% of its production. The determination of the team members, as well as the continuous encouragement of product users to improve, induced the Company to overcome the challenges. Increasing exports contributes to the development of the Company- production volumes as well as income and profits of the Company increase, moreover, new working places are being created. The Company is open to suggestions, does not cease to develop and always strives to improve and satisfy the  expectations of the customers.

    Petras Butchery – We hope when you visit Panevezys Lithuania, you’ll stop into our butcher shop to taste and purchase the highest quality smoked meats available.  Unlike mass produced products that you often find, we bring family tradition to your table.  Feel free to send us a note about your interest.

  • Plastic Injection Molding

    Supplied by: Hoda

    Company: UAB Hoda
    Location: Draugystes 2B, Verbiskes, Moletu region, Lithuania
    Service: Plastic Injection Molding
    Category: Manufacturing Services
    Company Website: www.hoda.lt 
    Telephone: +370 655 25450
    Email: info@hoda.lt

    See Company Video

    UAB Hoda a privately owned Lithuanian capital company started in 1993 is one of the biggest plastic injection moulders in Baltic states. Our main priority is the customers’ expectations, needs, preserving the environment, in accordance with food safety, environmental regulatory requirements related to the continuous improvement of management systems and increasing their efficiency. The company has 200 employees dedicated to customer satisfaction.

    Plastic Injection Moulding

    At the moment company operates 72 injection moulding machines, which gives us flexibility to produce different size and purpose plastic parts from a fraction of gram up to six kilograms of mass. The company is producing for a big variety of industries from simple house hold equipment to complex technical parts which have strict tolerances and highest quality requirements. At the moment we can offer these plastic moulding services:

    • Thermoset injection moulding.
    • Gas assisted injection moulding.
    • Insert overmoulding.
    • Cascade moulding.
    • 2 component 2K injection moulding.


    Management system applies to plastic injection molded parts and meets the ISO9001, ISO14001, GMP and IATF 16949 standards.


    Our company offers plastic parts assembly to final product. Our competent employees have wide experience in assembling only plastic parts or both plastic and metal parts. According to the client needs assembly process can continue without stop, 24h/7days per week. Our target is to assemble as many good quality products as possible in the shortest period of time. We are always considering about fully automatic or semi-automatic assembly machines to save the costs to our client.


    For the plastic parts without special packaging requirements we are always looking for most economic way to pack them. Our high expierenced employees will offer you the best solution to pack the parts for the lowest price and to keep the part without any damage during the transportation.

    UAB Hoda – Please feel free to send us an inquiry.  We would like to offer you our services and look forward to developing a long term supplier relationship.

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