• Petras Butchery in Panevezys Lithuania

    Supplied by: Petro Mesine

    Company: Petro Mesine
    Location: Berzu str. 8, Panevėžys, Lithuania
    Service: Butcher Shop, Retail and Regional Exports
    Category: Cold Smoked, Hot Smoked, Cured Meats
    Company Website: www.petromesine.lt 
    Telephone: +370 698 10751
    Email: info@petromesine.lt

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    Petro Mesine is locally known as Petras‘ butchery, a family-owned meat processing business with refined and nurtured underlying values that has been successfully developing since 1992.  We pride ourselves as a professional, modern, versatile, energetic and experienced meat processing company, that cherishes traditions and is open to innovation!  Our customers rely on us for a wide selection of meats that are the very best quality.

    Team of Petras‘ Butchery

    The founder and director of the company – farmer Petras Linkevičius is a perfect example of how a dream can be turned into a successful business, all the more so when all family members (Petras‘ wife and all three of their children) look at this business in the same direction: that is why the meat products quality is the most important factor in this business. Family involvement and dedication to a common goal is the most important part of the Company’s success formula. Excellent performance is also determined by the skills and loyalty of qualified employees. The greatest asset of the Company is its responsible, youthful, full of determination and energetic employees who strive for further improvement.


    A good decade ago, there was a tendency that the market for natural meat products will expand rapidly in the future, thus the maximum effort was put into developing and producing this production. The Company managed to create new trade routes to the markets of European countries, establish new cooperation relationships and successfully continue its export development. At present, Petras‘ Butchery exports most, even 90% of its production. The determination of the team members, as well as the continuous encouragement of product users to improve, induced the Company to overcome the challenges. Increasing exports contributes to the development of the Company- production volumes as well as income and profits of the Company increase, moreover, new working places are being created. The Company is open to suggestions, does not cease to develop and always strives to improve and satisfy the  expectations of the customers.

    Petras Butchery – We hope when you visit Panevezys Lithuania, you’ll stop into our butcher shop to taste and purchase the highest quality smoked meats available.  Unlike mass produced products that you often find, we bring family tradition to your table.  Feel free to send us a note about your interest.

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