Raw Honey with Thyme and Quince 7.05 oz Jar $4.60 each

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Price per Case: $92.00 / 20 jars per case / 7.05 oz. each
Minimum order: 90 Cases per pallet
Minimum order: 11 Pallets (U.S.and other) = 20ft Container
Formula: Raw Honey 95% with freeze-dried Thyme 3% and quince 2%
Klaipeda, Lithuania by Ocean Freight
FOB: Vilnius, Lithuania by Air freight
Product of Origin: Lithuania
Shelf Life: 24 Months

Product Overview: Raw Honey with Thyme and Quince tastes strong but divinely delicious.  The fragrance is charming! A bit of quince slightly softens the strength. This is a great sweet – give it a try and evaluate!  Thyme has not only medicinal properties but also a great spice. Lovers of expressive taste do not leave any doubt.  Our products are naturally sweet without any artificial additives or sweeteners. We guaranty that all your customers will enjoy SERKSNO HONEY with Thyme and Quince all year round!

Thyme has active medicinal features and is used to treat respiratory and skin diseases. Herbalists mention the countless powers of thyme, and we have noticed that the intense aroma of thyme is preserved for a long time. Quinces contain large amounts of vitamin C and useful essential oils Thyme revives not only the body but also improves mood, gives self-cinfodance. SERKSNAS Honey with thyme and quinces is a wonderful ingredient for preparing the sauces, herbal tea and a fragrant treat that improves the mood.

We are not only about the quality of the honey but also about all ingredients; therefore we use only superior quality lyophilized berries, fruits, and herbs. Lyophilization is a modern drying technology where water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum. This ensures that the tastes, aromas, ~99% vitamins, nutrients, and even the appearance of plants are preserved. Consequently, the products of the “Gourmand” line have natural bright colors, strong aromas and are tasty. They may be stored for a long period because they do not contain moisture, which would cause them to deteriorate.

SERKSNAS APIARY is a family owned business since 1982.
SERKSNAS Honey The technologies for honey collection and preparing it for use have improved significantly in the last 37 years. We are constantly expanding our bee families and products range as we find new application possibilities for apiarian products. Working by such efficient way where able to grow to 500 bee families. Being in control of full manufacturing and supply chain process (from bee to the end product) we are able to unsure provide every consumer with the highest quality of all our products. However, despite the changes, hard work, beekeeping has remained the irreplaceable hobby of our family, a hobby that brings us together and unites us as a family with the highest values.

We have created a collection of European intense tastes and aromas by combining SERKSNAS Honey with various valuable berries, fruits and herbs. Give it a try to Lithuanian #superhoney!


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